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0007556ardourbugspublic2019-11-10 22:27
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PlatformPurismOSPureOSOS Version8
Product Version5.12 
Summary0007556: MIDI input randomly turning off
DescriptionSomehow after a few times of starting playback, MIDI-input channels (of all tracks with selected external input channels) reset themselves to none. So any MIDI events you make on your control surface, synthesizer or keyboard won't be read by Ardour anymore.
Steps To ReproduceCreate a MIDI-channel or an Audio-MIDI-Channel. Choose a MIDI input to be used for recording notes. Change the playback input of the channel from "Disk" to "In". Start playback (with or without activated recording, it does not matter) & hit some keys on your MIDI-Keyboard. Do that several times. Check the MIDI input channel for your created channel. Or just listen & check for sound. When the input changes or there is no sound anymore, that's the bug.
Additional InformationIt happens in every session. I do not press any keys on the computer keyboard. CPU-utilization is around 20% at it's maximum, because I do not use hundreds of plugins & only at 32-bit float/44,1kHz. I do have xruns sometimes, but not necessarily right before, when or after the error occurs. But even in projects without xruns the error exists.
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