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0007555ardourbugspublic2018-02-10 09:37
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Platformamd64OSdebianOS Versionstretch
Product Version5.12 
Summary0007555: Canceled Pastes loose position
DescriptionI think undo does not undo edit point position and click on new position doesn't necesary update position
Steps To ReproduceOn grid mesure aligned mode
Create a midi region on mesure 2 of one mesure
select that mesure and copy it (ctrl-c)
click on mesure 4 (m4) and paste (ctrl-v)
a copy is made on m4. OK.

Undo (ctr-z)
copy :the region is copied on m6 !
undo, copy : region copied on m7 !
undo, click on m4, copy : region copied on m8 !
undo, click on m3, copy : region copied on m3 ok
copy : region copied on m5 !
copy : region copied on m6, why not
undo, undo, undo : seems you're back with only the primary region
click on m3, copy: copied on m7 !
click on m3, copy: copied on m8 !
Additional Informationwhen you are concentrated on music you go mad believing you can't control postion of where you put notes
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2018-02-10 09:37

reporter   ~0020153

complementary exercise:

undo all until there is no more undo (remark that undo buffer seems to be around 20 whitch is ridiculous in music editing. should be unlimited as midi do not waste much memory. Perhaps relying limits on buffer memory size would be better strategy)

Now create a 2 mesures region
write in it on each step (Notice you're back to time position without have mentioned it) do on mesure 2 beat 1 (m2-1), mi on m2-2, sol on m2-3, si on m2-4
select the 4 notes,
click on edit mode,
click on m3-1, copy : the notes are copied on m13 !???
And they are not selected so you have to select them to move them. Copied items should ALWAYS be selectioned. Imagine you already have notes on m13, the headake to find back the copied notes !

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