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0007553ardourfeaturespublic2018-02-02 14:58
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Summary0007553: Allow to copy & paste Mixer Inserts and Sends
DescriptionI tried copying and pasting a Mixer Insert just like I would with a plugin, but it its not possible.

Is there a reason for this? The insert only defines the output and return ports, it's location defines the rest so it should be pretty feasible to just copy and paste an insert to multiple places in the mixer (different tracks).

That'd speed up some workflows a lot. I used an Insert with no return to send my bass synths to a common sidechain bus (to be attenuated when a muted sidechain trigger synth plays) I had to re-do the inserts for each track. IT's no a huge pain, but if I wanted to do this for 12 tracks, it'd take me quite a while to get there.

Could this option be added? Also for mixer sends, I'm pretty sure they also don't allow this.
Additional InformationI have tested this with 3.x years ago and recently recreated it in 6.0 beta.
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