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Summary0000755: chunky region groups
DescriptionThis is a note for a => 2.0 release feature or whenever it is that Chunks will be worked on. It's usefulness depends on the merits of mastering multitrack sources--IMO, superior to working on stereo tracks. If stereo mix has to much bass energy, cut 20Hz to 500Hz. If a multitrack mix has to much energy, pluck from the offending track its eye i.e. -3.0db from 20Hz to 250Hz for the bass guitar.

It's simple to route a multitrack mix to an Ardour Master bus and then to JAMin. But mastering isn't about working on one song, it's about working on groups of songs. Of course it's unreasonable to put an albums worth of multitracks into one Ardour session.

One solution is to group regions for any given song into a Chunk and enable importing Chunks from any session. Chunks appear as one track but can have the view expanded to expose the multiple tracks.

Mix ten songs and create a Chunk for each. Create a mastering session and import the Chunks of all ten songs. Proceed to bank while capitalizing on reputation for being the fastest, most accurate and insane mastering engineer on planet, stay clear of mental institutions and the FBI. You know they'll be watching. :^)

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