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0007549ardourbugspublic2019-03-21 03:44
Reporterm.eik Assigned Topaul  
Status feedbackResolutionopen 
OSGNU/LinuxOS VersionUbuntu Xenial 
Product Version5.12 
Summary0007549: duplicating multiple tracks simultaneously randomizes their order
Descriptionwhen you select multiple tracks and use the context menu to duplicate them, they are not being added in the same order but (from what it seems) in a random order.
Steps To Reproduce1. select multiple recorded tracks (in my case it was a drumkit with multiple takes which i wanted to split into one group of tracks for each take; the tracks were grouped)
2. right-klick on the selection and chose "duplicate..." to add one copy of all tracks to the end of tracks
3. compare the order of the original tracks to the order of copies -- mine is never the same, not even when i repeat the steps (see screenshot)
Additional Informationthis is annoying because i have to manually re-order all copies accordingly. i can reproduce the issue mith all recordings so far. it would also be helpful if the grouping of the tracks could be included in the duplicate (but as a new group).
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2018-01-29 16:10



2019-03-21 03:42

administrator   ~0020618

this has been fixed in git master (not yet in any release)


2019-03-21 03:44

administrator   ~0020619

i don't want to encourage you to use a nightly build in any way, but it would be helpful if you could just check a nightly build (starting on march 22nd) and verify that this is indeed fixed. If you can't, no worries.

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