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0007540ardourbugspublic2018-01-11 19:17
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Platformx86_64OSElementaryOS (Ubuntu)OS Version0.4 freya(16.04)
Product Version5.12 
Summary0007540: Freeze of a track doesn't freeze the trim neither sets it to 0dB
DescriptionWhen I freeze a track that has the trim set to a certain value, the trim doesn't get freezed as it should (because it comes before plugins). In addition the trim value it is not set to 0dB so the level balance of the freezed track is being changed without notifying the user... (I sent a ruined mix to a mastering engineer because of this!! :-D )
Steps To ReproduceFreeze a track with some value in the trim then measure the volume after the render (the trim is applied two times, one during the render and after the render)
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