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0007512ardourbugspublic2017-11-23 11:35
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Platformx64, i386OSLinuxOS VersionAVLinux, Debian
Product Version5.12 
Summary0007512: Keyboard shortcut for "Zoom In" doesn't work properly
DescriptionArdour's German version (at least) has a shortcut "=" for "View > Zoom in".
The shortcut does not work - and it cannot be edited.
The menu command does not work if zoom focus is set to "edit point" and edit point is set to "mouse".

The problems did not occur under Ardour 4 where all ran well.
Steps To Reproduce- Open an existing Ardour project or set up a new one
- Set "Zoom focus" to any selection
- Try to use shortcut "=" for Zoom in
> Nothing happens.

- Set "Zoom focus" to "Edit point" and "Edit point" to "mouse"
- Try to use the menu commmand
> Nothing happens.
Additional InformationMaybe the shortcut issue has to do with the German translation of Ardour? On a German keyboard the "=" can only be reached by typing a key which is different from an English keyboard.

The problem occurs under all Linux distributions which I use - AVLinux 2017, Debian 8 and 9, LibraZiK, TangoStudio, UbuntuStudio 16.04, Ubuntu 16.04 ...

Thanks very much in advance :-).
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