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0007508ardourbugspublic2017-11-18 00:46
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PlatformAMD Ryzen 1700OSLinux Mint OS Version18.2 KDE5
Summary0007508: 6.0: loop playback omits the first note
DescriptionVersion: Ardour 6.0-pr0.272-dbg

When looping a section of a song, the first note is omitted. I frequently do this to create drum beats.
Steps To Reproduce1. Create a MIDI track
2. Create a 1-bar regon
3. Insert two notes - one on the first beat, another somwehere in the middle
4. Go to the grab mode, and select the region
5. Press "]" to put loop points arounf selection
6. Press "L" to start loop playback
7. Listen as the first note will be omitted when the loop replays the bar for the second time.
Additional InformationI've captured a quick video to show how it works:
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