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0007500bugs2020-05-23 14:38
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Summary0007500: Change "Connect Track inputs:" Default setting to manually or make Master Fader default to -inf
DescriptionWay too many people try Ardour and blast their moniitors away or just get too frightened to ever try again because of the default session causing massive feedback.

I always set connect inputs manually but sometimes forget this for fresh installations and experiences the same blast.

I think this behavior is should be changed to manually connect or make new sessions have Master Fader down at -inf dB
Steps To ReproduceConnect your microphones to your sound card

Connect and power on your monitor speakers

Start Ardour without customizing the default settings

Enjoy the massive Feedback or broken monitors
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2017-11-03 13:10

reporter   ~0020074

IMHO that's more a matter of the default monitoring settings - "Preferences -> Signal Flow -> Monitoring -> Tape Machine Mode" should be activated by default.


2017-11-03 13:16

reporter   ~0020075

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Valid point

But can we agree that current behavior is problematic in many cases.


2020-05-23 14:38

reporter   ~0024234

I guess the blasting monitors behavior is fixed due to tape monitor is not default anymore so I am closing this
Had a similar ticket that got solved recently, probably duplicate

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