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0007491ardourbugspublic2017-10-19 22:45 Assigned To 
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PlatformlinuxOSdebianOS Version9
Summary0007491: midi notes disappear after dragging and shifting
Descriptioni just noticed this issue, when i am in draw mode in midi track and select all notes which i want to transpose or shift in time, all notes simply disappear... i tried different setting as grid/no grid and different beats with no effect...
Steps To Reproduce1]create midi track and midi regin
2]in draw mode create some notes
3]in draw mode ctrl+a to select all notes
4]left mouse click into any note and shift all selected notes
5]all notes disappear
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2017-10-15 16:35

reporter   ~0020058

ardour version: 6.0.pre0.154 "The Pearl" (rev 6.0-pre0-154-gad226cf2b)


2017-10-19 22:38

reporter   ~0020066

I think I have tracked down the cause of this problem. It seems to be an overflow in the computation of std::numeric_limits<Temporal::Beats>::max(), which results in the notes moving a huge distance to the left and therefore seeming to disappear. I have submitted a fix on GitHub, but it requires changes in order to be accepted. I am currently working on it.

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