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Summary0007467: Bigger notes for minimum height MIDI tracks - for easier drum sequencing
DescriptionI tend to synthesize drums with ZynAddSubFX or Helm.
Each element of the drumkit has it's own track (Kick, Snare, HH, etc.)
It'd be very convenient to program the drum patterns using the minimum track height for all of them so I can easily put notes on any drum instrument and see the overall pattern - however the notes become so small it's hard to tell what's happening.

I can still use the draw tool or the edit tool to edit the contents of the MIDI region, but the notes are so tiny, it's practically impossible to work at that level.

I see that the reason for this is becasue Ardour tries to fit the same part of the piano roll to be visible when reducing the track height - I think there should be a lower limit to how small the notes can become (maybe a user-adjustable one?) and after that- Ardour would start changing the range of visible notes - down to the minimum of 2 or 3 visible notes (I guess that'd still make sense fro drum programming).

I personally would find it sensible if Ardour left the lowest visible note unchanged, but reduced the upper visibility range limit. Maybe it'd make more sense to alter both equally though.

Example 1 (lowering the upper limit only):

I had a big track, showing me 3 octaves, from C1 to C3.
I reduced the size down to minimum, now I can see only C1 and C#1 notes.

Example 2 (moving both limits):

I had a big track, showing me 3 octaves, from C1 to C3.
I reduced the size down to minimum, now I can see only C2 and C#2 notes.

I think this could improve the MIDI workflow for drum programming especially, when the user doesn't need to see more than a few notes most of the time (unless they program Tom Toms or something funky).

What do you think?
Additional InformationThe screenshot shows the first track as a mockup of how I imagine Ardour could work, the lower 2 tracks show the current situation.
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2017-09-03 15:41


Selection_009.png (11,521 bytes)   
Selection_009.png (11,521 bytes)   


2018-03-09 03:18

reporter   ~0020207

Yes please. This would be great. Minimum of one seems reasonable to me.


2018-08-11 13:00


Screenshot_20180811_230044.png (50,737 bytes)   
Screenshot_20180811_230044.png (50,737 bytes)   


2018-08-11 13:04

reporter   ~0020369

Hrm.. This is already possible, with right-click on track -> Note Range -> Fit Contents.

Unfortunately, it kind of bugs out when the tracks are expanded for percussive notes (see attachment). Also, it's hard to zoom back out, because the the note range handles overlap.

Perhaps there should be a maximum note-height of 50-80% of the height of the smallest track height, and "fit contents" should zoom to the smallest multiple of that, for the given track height, and then centre the contents in the note range?

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