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0007465bugs2020-04-13 19:20
ReporterOliverAssigned Tox42 
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Platformi686OSXubuntuOS Version16.04 LTS
Product Version5.10 
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Summary0007465: 'Reset All Peak Indicators' does not work as expected
DescriptionFrom the description of the button next to the Master Level Meter 'Reset All Peak Indicators', I would expect that it does indeed reset all peak indicators in the session. However, it does not.

Ardour 5.11 (cannot select this version in the 'Product version' box on this bug report page).
Steps To ReproduceThe attached screenshot shows a track with a red peak level warning. The warning only resets if I click the peak warning on the track itself, not if I click the Master Level Meter button.
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2017-09-03 10:52



2017-09-04 00:36

developer   ~0020012

I can confirm with 5.11/master@5d0b0058

Either the tooltip text is misleading and it is only intended to reset the master meter peak indicator or it isn't working correctly.


2020-03-28 21:24

reporter   ~0021085

In Ardour 6.0.pre1.21, the reset behaviour is still a little strange. Sometimes now both track and master peak indicators get reset on clicking 'Reset All Peak Indicators', sometimes only on the second click.

Also clicking the track peak indicator to reset only resets sometimes on the first click, sometimes two clicks are needed.


2020-04-07 02:10

administrator   ~0021227

I have not been able to reproduce this, but had another idea what could cause this:

An edge-cases when concurrently processing and asynchronously resetting the meter.
The likelihood of this happening would increase the smaller the buffersize and the more CPU cores are present.

Could you try 6.0-pre1-167-geeb62c99fb ?


2020-04-07 19:35

reporter   ~0021233

Unfortunately no change with 6.0-pre1-167-geeb62c99fb.

The recipe to create the issue for me:
- Add a new track to a fresh session
- Add the new Ardour NoiseGen, crank the generator output to max
- Move the channel fader all up - now the channel meter peaks red
- Disable the generator, wait for the meter reading dropping well below 0 dB
- Click the 'Click to reset' field of the channel meter.

Maybe about 50% of the time it works:
- the meter background reverts to gray
- the indicated signal immediately falls to 'nothing
- the reading is ''-inf'.

In the other half of cases,
- the signal also falls to 'nothing' immediately after the click
- the meter very briefly 'blinks' and then is red again (I think it does revert to gray for a short moment)
- the reading is '5.5' (after trying, I think it is always 5.5)

If it failed to reset properly, the second click always seems to succeed.


2020-04-07 19:38

reporter   ~0021234

The computer I use is of limited horsepower and has only two horses: Pentium E5200 (2.50GHz), 46.4 ms latency setting.


2020-04-10 21:53

administrator   ~0021293

Could you test 6.0-pre1-261-ge1a9034a0e ? that should finally fix it.


2020-04-11 17:49

reporter   ~0021307

Tested with Ardour 6.0.pre1.263 and the reset of both track and master level meter works now reliable., thanks.

However, I noticed that the small meters in the track headers don't get reset accordingly, neither using the track or master level reset. It seems there is no way to reset them from being red after peaking too high. Could this be fixed as part of this bug report, instead of opening a new one?


2020-04-13 00:20

administrator   ~0021324

Fixed in 6.0-pre1-291-g6df03b2f1f


2020-04-13 19:20

reporter   ~0021334

Works as expected in Ardour 6.0.pre1.294.

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