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0007461ardourotherpublic2020-08-09 19:08
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Summary0007461: [Workflow] Consolidating MIDI regions trims the end of the resulting region
DescriptionI found that Consolidate region works a bit differently on Audio and MIDI regions.

For audio - I get a region that is exactly as long as my selected region.
For MIDI - the end of the region is automatically trimmed to end with the last contained note.

I'd personally prefer to not have the resulting region trimmed, because when I consolidate a few bars (precisely snapping region boundaries to the bar lines), to then duplicate them with Shift+D. I need to correct the length before duplicating, or my duplicates will be offset from the bar grid and not fit the beat of my music.

If Consolidate didn't trim, but just put the end of the new MIDI region where the original region selection was - I'd have one step less to do with such operations.

Do you think that's a good idea? Or maybe someone's workflow would break if that was changed?

To trim or not to trim?
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2020-08-09 15:36

reporter   ~0024910


I think the end truncation is not expected behaviour - with Audio regions, Consolidate Range doesn't truncate end silence, so I expected the new region to have the same extents as my selected range when triggering "Consilidate range".

I'm attaching a screenshot - the tracks represent
1. Input
2. Operation
3. Results

Truncating silence could be a nice function on it's own both for audio and MIDI regions though!

What do you think?
Screenshot_20200809_173111.png (32,211 bytes)   
Screenshot_20200809_173111.png (32,211 bytes)   


2020-08-09 19:08

administrator   ~0024912

I do not know what motivated this, but this has a nice side-effect that in case there are no events in the range, empty regions are not created.

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