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0007458bugs2017-08-27 17:56
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Summary0007458: Few display issues with a-EQ
DescriptionWhen you first open up a-EQ, the EQ curve display doesn't fully fill the box. You need to resize the window for it to fully fill the box.

Also when you edit the values of knobs, the layout resizes. To reproduce, open up a-EQ and move the any of the parametric frequency knobs, as it is most noticable with those controls. The layout moves when you go from 3 digit values to 4 digit values and again from 4 digit values to 5 digit values. This also happens with the gain knobs. Q value knobs are unaffected as they use fixed digit amounts.
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2017-08-27 16:23


a-eq-space.png (31,545 bytes)
a-eq-space.png (31,545 bytes)


2017-08-27 17:56


a-eq-resize.gif (88,336 bytes)
a-eq-resize.gif (88,336 bytes)

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