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0007445ardourbugspublic2017-08-11 13:44
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PlatformLinuxOSUbuntu 14.04 KXStudio 
Product Version5.10 
Summary0007445: Audio calibration user interface and Jack start/stop "logic"
DescriptionIf you start Ardour and let Ardour handle Jack and begin with calibrating the latency, After clicking "Use measured value" You are returnded to the Audio Setup Window and the status of jack is shown as "Stopped"

That seems incorrect since Jack is apparently started and running as part of the calibration.

Also it seems that starting Ardour after that and later quitting will not stop jack.

Is'nt Ardour supposed to always stop Jack if Ardour was the one starting it ?
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2017-08-11 13:44

reporter   ~0019972

after short discussion on irc, Las suggests this is an ubuntu issue

if that is true, I still think that Ardour Audio Setup dialog should detect and correctly display "running" if jackd is started by the user, "ubuntu", cron or the tooth fairy

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