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Summary0007430: transport stops on forward/back grid step
DescriptionTransport status (rolling / stopped) is preserved during Common/jump-backward-to-mark and Common/jump-forward-to-mark (mapped to q and w). This is fine and the way it has always been.

Transport status is now always stopped during Common/playhead-backward-to-grid and Common/playhead-forward-to-grid (mapped to Left and Right) This is new-ish.

I map the shuttle wheel of my control surface to these last two. In the past (Prior to Ardour 3.8 or so?) the wheel would work and I could zip forward and back while rolling.

Now, because of the transport stop associated with Xward-to-grid commands, I can't do that... and I miss it.

A) is there another (better perhaps) way to achieve this?
B) could an option be offered to "preserve roll status on Playhead-Xward-to-grid commands"

This can all be demonstrated by just hitting left and right arrows while rolling. There's nothing specific about the where (keyboard or control surface) the commands come from.

Hope that makes sense.

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