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0007393ardourbugspublic2017-07-30 17:02
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Product Version5.9 
Summary0007393: End marker won't move when recording past it
DescriptionThis might be related to 7348 but is not the same bug.

I removed Ardour 5 preferences to be sure I started from a clean system and also told "No" when Ardour offered to import settings from previous Ardour 4.7 installation.

When I record past the END mark of the session, and stop the recording, the END - mark won't move to the new end of the session (the newly recorded clip).
Steps To Reproduce- Create a new session and 1 mono audio track in it. Don't use a template.
- Record about 5 seconds of audio on the track. The END - marker moves to the end of the click as expected.
- Move the END - marker manually a little later and create a new location marker and place it where the END marker was (at the end of the clip).
- Now record at the end of the first clip and past the END - mark and stop.

Result: The END - mark does not move at the end of the last clip.
Expected result: The END - mark moves at the and of the last clip in the session when recording stops.

It makes no difference if I now remove the location marker I created, the END - marker does not respond anymore for the growing of the session.
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2017-06-10 12:58

reporter   ~0019781

It seems that just manually moving the END - marker later makes the bug appear, no need to create a "Location Marker".


2017-06-10 14:01

administrator   ~0019782

One way to reset things: Menu > Window > Scripting


  Session:set_end_is_free (true)

press "Run" -- after that the End marker will move automatically again, just like you've never moved it manually.


2017-06-10 14:13

reporter   ~0019783

Thanks for the workaround, it works while waiting for the fix in Ardour :)


2017-06-10 15:45

administrator   ~0019784

It's a won't fix. This is entirely intentional behavior.

When you move the marker manually, you state intent that you do want to manage them yourself. Ardour will from then never change it automatically.

What's missing is an easy way to reset this for a given session.


2017-06-10 17:05

reporter   ~0019785

Ok. This behaviour probably changed somewhere between Ardour 3 and 5 ?

The problem with the current behavior imho is that the end marker changes behavior silently if the user touches it. It would be better if it notified the user somehow that this seemingly normal thing of "moving a marker" makes another change also behind the scenes.

Would the functionality be better turned the other way around: For example if the user wanted to freeze the marker, he would need to toggle a software switch (right click marker and click on a option on the list) and in all other cases the end marker would move when regions were added to the timeline. I don't know which use cases were considered when creating the current behavior, but for the workflows I'm personally using it would be more logical for the end marker to always move with the end of the session if not specifically asked to freeze in a point in time. I hope you can also consider this point of view :)


2017-06-10 17:54

administrator   ~0019786

It changed in 5.0-pre0-607-g472ef8c55

"once the user has explicitly set the session range end, playlist/range changes do not move it. The user may drag the marker, edit in the Location UI, or use nudge, to set the end"

Another alternative would be to at least indicate it via color and yes allow to explicitly lock/unlock. Implicitly locking it on first move does however seem the most common. Last step during mixing/mastering: set the session-range.

I don't see a consensus there yet. Maybe a preference is the solution.


2017-06-10 19:19

reporter   ~0019787

Ok I see your point:) I will be happy if I can right click on the end marker and "unlock" it when needed.

The end marker marks the end of usable audio only in those use cases where there there is only single continuous "program" on it. In my use case I write music by creating a session and recording different ideas across the timeline. Some ideas will develop to whole songs but most parts of the session is kind of a musical scratch pad. In this use case I use Range Markers to mark the usable sections of the session and export only these. In this case I always want the end marker to move when I add regions at the end of the timeline. When I want to add an idea I just open the session, press the end key and start recording. Very fast an convenient.

In this use case and also when you have many songs on the timeline freezing the end marker does not make as much sense as in the case where there is only a single "program" on the timeline. Imho locking the end marker only manually when needed would be the most logical solution as all users don't need automatic locking :)

Thanks for clearing this up :)


2017-07-30 17:02

reporter   ~0019932

Please make a GUI option to make the end marker move again when regions are added to the end of the session.

It's quite easy to accidentally move the end marker when creating region or location markers and moving them to correct positions.

It's a bit silly that there is a functionality in the GUI to stop the END markers automatic advancement but there is no GUI option to back down from it. IMHO if there is a functionality with On / Off possibilities there should always be a possibility for the user to set it to either state. Now this is a one way only function. I find it hard to understand the rationale why it is one way only.

Pretty please :)

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