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0007388ardourbugspublic2017-06-04 20:44
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Product Version5.9 
Summary0007388: Automation points difficult to grab when a range is selected
DescriptionI am doing a lot of automation editing by selecting a range with the range tool and the using the draw tool to move the range's automation. When you do this and then want to move one of the automation points while the range is still selected/highlighted the area with which you can select the points becomes very small, smaller than it is when the range is not selected, which makes it unnecessarily difficult to edit (almost always have to change to grab mode and then back to draw mode just to get rid of the range because it takes too long to place the mouse in just the right place). The area which lets you select the point when this happens also doesn't seem to be in quite the right place either so you have to hover around to find where the sweet spot is.

The area where the draw tool turns to a plus sign (enabling you do select and move the automation point) should be the same regardless of whether a range is selected.
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