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0007365ardourbugspublic2017-05-21 20:02
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PlatformPC x64OSDebian LinuxOS VersionStretch
Product Version5.9 
Summary0007365: LV2 version of TAP Pitch Shifter causes segfault
DescriptionThe LV2 (MOD Team) version of TAP Pitch Shifter causes Ardour to crash when using Stem Export without processing. All the rest of the LV2 TAP plugins and all the original LADSPA versions by Tomas Szilagyi (including the TAP Pitch Shifter) work fine.
Steps To Reproduce1. Add TAP Pitch Shifter to a track
2. Bring up the Stem Export dialog
3. Switch to the "Channels" tab
4. Click the "Export" checkbox of the corresponding track ("Apply track processing" must be unchecked)
4. Crash
Additional InformationI understand it is most likely the problem with the particular plugin but still the crash when just attempting to check a checkbox looks pretty shocking. Can something be done to mitigate it?
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