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0007356ardourbugspublic2017-05-14 09:13
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PlatformUbuntuOSLinuxOS VersionMaverick
Product Version5.8 
Summary0007356: First use of new Ardour build / version causes plug-ins to 'disappear'
DescriptionWhen a new version of ardour is first used, it causes warnings on loading an existing session, about 'plug-ins not available and have been replaced with stubs' or something similar. The plug-ins are still in the same location, and inspection of the VST settings shows that their location is included in the search path.. but inspection of the VST settings also reveals ardour is not set to scan plug-in on startup by default - hence on first run, it doesn't scan for the (existing) plug-ins and has no prior knowledge of them, therefore thinks they don't exist. The result is a very counterintuitive warning message, and since there seems no longer to be a button to 'rescan' - if by some wild chance a user deciphers the message and finds their way to the appropriate settings option, having to check 'rescan at startup' and then restart - is hardly 'discoverable'
Steps To Reproduce1. Build or install a new version of ardour.
2. Start the new version.
3. Load an existing session (containing some previously installed, and scanned, VST plug-ins)
Additional InformationMost (commercial) DAWs handle plug-in scanning, in a transparent / intuitive way. Default behaviour should be:

1. Scan all plug-ins on first run
2. Selective rescan on each subsequent startup - this means, rescan any plug-ins that have been replaced since the last run, so for example, if the user replaces an existing .so file in their plug-ins folder, irrespective of the 'new' plug-in's reported 'version' (since we don't know what that is at this point)
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