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0007354ardourbugspublic2017-06-03 18:37
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PlatformLinuxOSUbuntu StudioOS Version16.04.2
Product Version5.8 
Summary0007354: Reseting Cabinet model after loop: GxAmplifer, GxCabinet
DescriptionDroping sound effect of "Cabinet Model" in Audio track for guitar

Steps To Reproduce# First method
1. Put on the audio track plugin: GxAmplifer or GxCabinet
2. Select "Cabinet model" to "4x12"
3. Press "Play", and play on my guitar - sounf is GOOD
4. Create loop region
5. Press "L" for loop
6. In the first cycle - sound is GOOD
7. In the second cycle - sound without effect of "Cabinet model"
8. After this, sound ALWAYS is without effect of "Cabinet model"
9. In the list "Cabinet model" I select "Off".
10. In the list "Cabinet model" I select again "4x12" - and sound is GOOOOOOD
But, if I press Loop and second cycle is coming - sound without effect of "Cabinet model", but in the

# Second method
in the plugin, I creating a automation track, and hardly set the cabinet model, but after second loop - sound without Cabinet model.
Additional InformationI am very sorry

In the previous 5.* version it was the same

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