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0007352bugs2017-05-13 12:07
Reporterardour38Assigned Totimbyr 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformLinuxOSUbuntu GNOMEOS Version17.04
Product Version5.8 
Fixed in Version5.X git (version in description) 
Summary0007352: Project is unable to actually get saved.
DescriptionA project residing in a folder with only read permissions are saved as to a new location with write permissions but the project file is not created. All media are copied and folders are created but in the projects root folder there is only a file called instant.xml and there is no .ardour file.
Steps To Reproduce1. open a project from a read only project/path.
2. In Ardour choose "Save as" to save the project in a path where you do have read and write permisssions.
3. Choose to start working on the project right away.
4. Now you can not choose to save any changes you have done and if you choose "quit" then Ardour tells you that you can only choose "Just quit" and not "Save and quit".
5. All work done have just been a waste.
Additional InformationThis is seriously a getting-out-of-here-fast situation and together with another bug that I reported about losing recorded media when USB device gets disconnected is almost enough to make me not look back at using ardour again, unfortunately. I want to use Ardour but these bugs are deal breakers and way to unreliable.

I am not complaining over the great work you do but instead I am telling you my gut feeling from losing a lot of work several times on different occasions that has never ever happened to me using other DAWs.
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2017-05-12 23:24

developer   ~0019681

I can confirm this issue with official 5.8 build.


2017-05-12 23:26

developer   ~0019682

This issue should be fixed in master as of commit def9e110b7 and testable in a nightly build >= 5.8.728


2017-05-13 12:07

reporter   ~0019687

Thank you timbyr! Now I just need to reproduce my other reported bug with disconnected USB and lost media.

I will make a donation right away!

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