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0007344ardourbugspublic2017-05-09 02:58
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PlatformLInuxOSElemenary OSOS VersionLoki
Product Version5.8 
Summary0007344: Disk cannot keep up on export
DescriptionDuring the Normalization pass of the Export, I get a message that says, the disk cannot keep up with the processing.
I can resolve this by changing the default buffers which is set to medium to either small or large. Large was giving me problems sometimes, so I changed it to small. Exporting ogg session rate.

While this is a "fix", this is not acceptable for slow machines and there is no reason when there is no realtime processing. I dooo write to sd card. Perhaps it can be reproduced in this manner.

This dis NOT happen in 5.6. I have actually switched back to 5.6 at times, in order to verify this (and also do my export).
The change logs do not indicate anything changed.
It only happens on the normalization process. I get a modal dialog message, but the processing has to wait to be finished (on another thread I presume).
Then the result is a complete ogg file with blank space after the "message" appeared.
Steps To ReproduceHave project and export on sd card.
Export ogg
Additional InformationMedium buffers helps this for reproducing.
It happens on the 2nd pass .. normalization
It "blocks" production unless you know the work around.
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