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0007340ardourbugspublic2017-05-08 13:20
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Product Version5.8 
Summary0007340: “Bender” automation doesn’t work at all on playback and can’t change automation mode
DescriptionIf I add a “bender“ automation track to a MIDI track, no pitch bend occurs during playback. If I pause, then resume playback, the track continues at the correct pitch, but does not change after that.

Also, not sure if this is related, but there does not appear to be a mode selector for “bender“ automation. (Or, at least, I can’t find it.)
Steps To Reproduce1. Create a midi track with a short repeating note.
2. Add some “bender” automation.
3. Play track and listen out for pitch bend.
Additional InformationThis worked fine in Ardour 4 (although there was no automation mode selector). However, Arch Linux has just updated Ardour to v5.8.

The attached screenshot shows a MIDI track “Synth 7ths” with bender automation drawn on. I have added pan automation to illustrate that “L/R” and “width” controllers have playback selectors while “bender“ doesn’t.
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2017-05-03 21:25


ardour5-8-bender-cropped.png (26,719 bytes)   
ardour5-8-bender-cropped.png (26,719 bytes)   


2017-05-04 15:31

administrator   ~0019653

regarding the "play, manual, touch.." modes:

MIDI CCs are only visually presented as automation lanes. It's really MIDI-data and not an automatable parameter. -- They're not automatable parameters which can be touched separately from MIDI, and hence there's no mode button.

As for PitchBend, I can't reproduce the issue. What synth are you using? There are some synths/soundfonts which ignore pitch-bend.

Can you add the plugin "a-MIDI Monitor" (included with Ardour) to the track at the top and see if it shows the pitch-bends being played?


2017-05-04 15:31


pitchbend_playback.png (24,534 bytes)   
pitchbend_playback.png (24,534 bytes)   


2017-05-08 13:13

reporter   ~0019669

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I’ve investigated this further. I did try to do a screen recording to demonstrate the problem, but unfortunately I couldn’t capture any sound.

The song file was originally created in Ardour 4 and upgraded to Ardour 5. The pitch bending was working fine in v4.6, not v5.8.

The plugin is called “Triceratops”, but other synths showed the same behaviour.

However, I have re-created the MIDI part in a brand new file in Ardour 5.8 and it is working correctly. So I will put the rest of the song together from scratch in v5.8. As it is the only song I have with pitch bend, I’m not too worried.

This suggests to me that something is actually going wrong in the upgrade from v4 to v5, which is disabling the pitch bend.

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