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0007320ardourbugspublic2017-05-03 12:08
Reporterardour38 Assigned To 
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PlatformLinuxOSUbuntuOS Version17.04
Product Version5.8 
Summary0007320: Can't create projects when using JACK. Only with ALSA.
DescriptionI get a message saying that the project can't be saved or created.
Steps To ReproduceCreate a project using JACK in an folder.
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2017-04-16 15:53

administrator   ~0019607

Cannot reproduce (here with jack2 -- 1.9.11 from debian/stretch, jackdbus).

Can you start Ardour from the commandline: Is there any relevant output?

Is this an Ardour binary from (weak-linked libjack) or Ubuntu's version?

Possibly another recurring Ubuntu bug: Does temporary `jackd -T terminate?


2017-04-21 12:45

reporter   ~0019616

I recently came across this issue in ubuntu. Can you verify your user is in the audio group?

Relevant ubuntu documentation:


2017-04-21 13:10

administrator   ~0019617

That rings a bell.. Ardour + JACK require realtime permissions (and jackd needs to run with rt-priority > 5). Ardour/ALSA will only print a warning but not hard fail if rt is not available.

The generic way is to set this up is
on debian based distros you can
  `sudo dpkg-reconfigure jackd2`
allow realtime and re-login.


2017-04-21 13:15

reporter   ~0019618

sudo adduser <user> audio
then logout/in is what worked for me.


2017-05-03 12:08

reporter   ~0019651

Hi guys! The notifications from the tracker landed in my SPAM-box and therefore I apologise that it has taken some time for me to get back to this thread. I am not at my Ubuntu computer right now but I will try out checking if I am in the audio group asap.

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