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0007316ardourfeaturespublic2017-04-13 02:22
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Platformkxstudio 14.04OSlinuxOS Versionkxstudio 14.04
Product Version5.8 
Summary0007316: Import to end of selected track
DescriptionI'm interested in adding the ability to import files to the end of the selected track. I record some practices and would like to import several files which go in series in the same track so I can edit out selected regions. So in the import menu "add files" add option "selected track" and to the menu "Insert at" add the option "session end". Also, make the first file which is imported to a track leave the track selected, so you don't need to select the track explicitly to add the next file to it. Ok, its not that hard to import file to regions and then put them in series, but this option would make it a little easier.
Additional InformationThanks for the great work.
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