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0007303ardourbugspublic2017-03-28 16:38
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PlatformPeppermint 7 
Product Version5.8 
Summary0007303: Program Freeze When Recording
DescriptionI'm actually having a couple of issues:

1. After arming track for recording, the program will become unresponsive after about two recorded takes.

2. If it does not end up crashing the program, I will be disconnected from the audio engine. If this happens I can't record unless the program (or sometimes the whole computer) is restarted.

Pretty unusable at this point
-running Jack
-disabled pulseaudio
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2017-03-28 16:38

administrator   ~0019565

"disconnected from the audio engine" -> Window > Audio/MIDI setup, re-connect

Without further information, the best guess would be that jackd zombifies Ardour, likley because it cannot meet realtime requirements on your system.

Is there anything in jack's message log, or Ardour's Window > Log?

What settings do you use for jack? Does it work with Ardour's ALSA backend and a reasonably safe buffer-size (1024 fpp)?

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