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0007291bugs2019-09-06 22:32
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PlatformUbuntuOSLinux MintOS Version18.1
Product Version5.8 
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Summary0007291: No GUI for the plugins samplv1, drumkv1
DescriptionThose are the only plugins in my collection for which I'm not able to show their GUI. They still work tho, I'm able to use the generic ardour controls editor.
Those plugins work fine in standalone and under the hosts Carla and Qtractor.
Ardour log returns : [ERROR]: failed to instantiate LV2 GUI
everytime I try to fire up the GUI.
They are qt-based (Qt version 5.5.1.) .
The version of the plugins is 0.8.0 and have been installed with apt through the KXStudio repository. They were working fine under ardour in the previous versions.
Steps To Reproduce1) Get the packages samplv1 samplv1-lv2 drumkv1 drumkv1-lv2 from the Kxstudio repository
2) Create a new MIDI track or AUDIO + MIDI track with one of those plugins.
3) Try to fire up the GUI or see if it's automatically opens.
Additional InformationThanks for the all the work !
Have a great day
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2017-03-12 16:19

administrator   ~0019528

This sounds like a QT4/QT5 issue.

Where did you get Ardour from?
Since version 5.8, binaries from do include libsuil which can load qt4 and qt5 GUIs.

I have not tested KXStudio, but the QT5 vee-one plugins work here on debian with official Ardour builds.


2017-03-12 22:28

reporter   ~0019529

Thanks for the answer.

I installed ardour through the KXStudio repository.
I think you are right about libsuil but the package is already installed on my computer. When running ardour from command line, this line appears when I try to fire up the GUI :
suil error: Unable to open wrap module /opt/ardour/lib/ (/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ version `Qt_5.7' not found (required by /opt/ardour/lib/
I then noticed that my version of Qt was 5.5 so I installed Qt 5.7 from the official site but it didnt change anything.


2019-03-03 21:51

reporter   ~0020605

You might be bumping into this issue:


2019-09-06 21:39

reporter   ~0020770

Here on debian buster 10(64-bit), the suil version is "0.10.0~dfsg0-1" (apt-cache policy libsuil-0-0:amd64)

I ran the latest ardour nightly today, and am trying the stocked samplv1-lv2 release 0.8.6-1.

I tested the plugin with qtractor(0.9.5-1) and it runs samplv1-lv2 without any issue..

I spoke to the upstream author of samplv1 and he told me to report this to ardour as the problem is not the libraries..

Tested in other DAWS and this plugin works, but not in Ardour specifically..

Must be something in Ardour's nightly build..

Here I get this output instead of the above (and I'm running on a QT desktop -- but I also get the same error on MATE) ,
suil error: Unable to open UI library /usr/lib/lv2/samplv1.lv2/ (/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ undefined symbol: hb_font_funcs_set_nominal_glyph_func)

I looked at marado's suggestion, and that made no difference,

there's a line with
"lv2ui:ui samplv1_lv2:ui, samplv1_lv2:ui_external ;"

and I changed this to
"lv2ui:ui samplv1_lv2:ui_x11, samplv1_lv2:ui_external ;"

but I still get the same error..

So it works with other DAWs but nor ardour...


2019-09-06 21:41

reporter   ~0020771

the problem occurs when I double-click on the samplv1 plugin button -- the plugin could be added to the track and shows the green led,

but when a user tries to open the interface it crashes taking ardour with it.


2019-09-06 22:32

administrator   ~0020772

Known issue and won't fix. Arodur will drop support for all plugins that are not self-contained and depend on external libraries.
some background and explanation:

The issue at hand is that the plugin relies on a system-wide installed library ( wihch in turn needs other libraries, some of which conflict with Ardour.
There are ways to work around this but you're on your own then. It's not reasonable to expect plugins which are not self-contained to work reliably.

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