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0007289ardourotherpublic2017-03-11 20:04
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PlatformPC / LinuxOSLinux MintOS Version18 KDE 5 64-bit
Product Version5.8 
Summary0007289: Control surfaces > Generic MIDI > Smoothing - shouldn't it be at 127 by default?
DescriptionI don't know what this function is supposed to do, but in my case it seems to make Ardour ignore my CC input.

I use a non-motorised MIDI controller keyboard: m-audio Oxygen 49 MKIV.

The Smoothing is by default set to minimum (1). Which makes all my CC controls ignored. I am unable to use any assigned CC controls when it's at 1.

All works fine when I set this value to maximum (127).

If I set it to 32 for example - Ardour will only start taking my CC control into account, when the CC control is in proximity of the assigned Ardour control position.
It will also break the movement if I perform a fast enough move, making one frame 32 CC value steps apart from the other.

I always set Smoothing to 127, because otherwise I don't have full control, and it feels like something's broken. I probably don't understand this feature.

I expected something like a slew limiter or a lowpass filter for input (like Interia control in Calf filter).

Maybe in some marginal cases it might be nice, to avoid rapid movement of an Ardour control, when using the same physical unmotorised faders for multiple Ardour controls (and changing them by MIDI channels or something), but generally I feel that it's either broken for my articular device or it needs some disclaimer.
Additional InformationI attach a screenshot of my (working) setup.
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