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0007286ardourbugspublic2017-03-09 11:48
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Product Version5.8 
Summary0007286: Unable to trim regions below a certain visual size
DescriptionTested with build of 5.8.97 (e04d237674), video of behaviour attached.

When a region is below a certain size you cannot trim it. I can understand disabling the trim function if the region was only a few pixels wide but currently it is not possible at what I consider to be a reasonable size to use trim with. This is on a screen with 1920X1080 resolution.

A work around is that the bottom fade handle appears when the region gets small and this can sort of used to be trim the region without changing zoom level but it is a two step process.

Expected Behaviour:

I'm not really sure at this stage what is the best solution to this issue.

One option would be to keep the trim handles active but having the area that the trim handles are usable in decrease as the visual size (pixel width) of the region decreases until a minimum size.
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