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0007273ardourbugspublic2017-03-06 12:31
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PlatformUbuntuOSLinuxOS VersionMaverick
Product Version5.8 
Summary0007273: Ardour reports plug-ins as missing after they have been updated
DescriptionArdour reports (VST) plug-ins as missing if they are updated (or the timestamp appears more recent on the plug-in .so file).
Steps To Reproduce1. Add a plug-in to a session, save session.
2. Recompile plug-in, or download a more recent version from the developer's site.
3. Quit ardour
4. Copy the (new) plug-in .so file to the /usr/lib/lxvst plug-ins folder (or other VST plug-ins folder locations)
5. Re-start ardour, attempt to load the session, and get spurious warnings that the plug-in is now missing.
6. Rescan plugins, plug-in now shows up and loads normally.
Additional InformationArdour has very odd behaviour with scanning / recognising plugins. If you have a plug-in installed, then, for exmaple you re-compile the plug-in or copy a more recent build of exactly the same plug-in to the plug-ins folder, Ardour will fail to find it (with auto scan on application start is disabled, as it is in the default configuration), and report it missing until the plug-in's are rescanned again. This causes confusion for users (typically a user downloads an updated version of the plug-in, installs it to their plug-ins folder, replacing the previous version, restarts ardour, is (falsely) informed that the plug-in(s) are missing, and then blames the developer for making a bad plug-in, or worse, 'corrupting' their session).
Suspect what is happening is that ardour is noticing the plug-in's .so file's timestamp has changed, marking it as not scanned because it is a more recent file, and then failing to find it because it appears not to have been scanned.
Improved behaviour would be either, a better message to the user clarifying what has actually happened, change the default config to auto-scan on startup, or, auto re-scan plug-ins whose timestamps appear to indicate a more recent file has been installed (as other DAWs do).
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