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0007237ardourfeaturespublic2017-02-16 22:01
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Summary0007237: Toggle polarity on MIDI track output
DescriptionThere is no native way to revert polarity on the audio output of midi track. This is needed in some cases (EG: two soundfonts of a floor tom, one for top and one for bottom).
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2017-02-14 12:18

administrator   ~0019389

There is no way to reverse polarity of the output of any type of track. The polarity switch applies only to the input.


2017-02-14 15:05

updater   ~0019390

As a workaround, it's always possible to add a plugin that has a polarity-reverse control after the synth plugin, e.g. the swh "Inverter", or x42's "Stereo Balance Control".


2017-02-14 16:26

reporter   ~0019391

Last edited: 2017-02-15 15:39

In my specific case, it's useless under linux (where thoses plugs are available, but drumgizmo is routed to audio tracks ---> no need for an external phase inverter). Same behaviour under w7, except for the fact that there is no Robin Gareus stereo balance control plugin. Under Osx, so without Drumgizmo, I have to use several sforzando tracks for each SFZ, and no X42 SBC. I'll give a try to swh's (I have found them easily with a simple search, but they're not part of ardour and so are not installed by default) but continue to think it could be a (simple?) feature to insert in the midi channel strip (you may have noticed I didn't report a bug but asked for a feature). Thx anyway for the workaround.


2017-02-15 19:02

reporter   ~0019397

You can also route the audio output to a track/bus of which you'll invert the input polarity


2017-02-16 22:01

reporter   ~0019407

Yes but this is still just a heavyweight workaround. There are indeed several workaounds but I really do think it's a usefull feature to implement.

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