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0007221ardourfeaturespublic2021-11-07 21:16
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Product Version5.5 
Summary0007221: Editor window track colours
DescriptionIn the Editor window, it would be helpful if each track's colour were displayed somewhere in the track title box at the left hand side.

The reason for suggesting this is that, whilst it's really useful having the regions coloured and the bars in the summary, if you're looking at a section of the timeline where there is no recorded audio you cannot see what colour is selected for the track (and colour-coding tracks is a very useful navigational aid in large sessions).

As there is colour coding of the track title box to differentiatef audio and midi tracks and as track height can vary, perhaps the area around the track name box could be filled with the track colour as this would always be visible, leaving the area around the fader (when visible) and the rec/mute/solo/etc buttons to indicate track type. I guess the background to the actual text would be best left as is so that the text is always legible if really light or dark track colours are selected.
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