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0007210ardourbugspublic2017-01-21 15:02
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PlatformWindows 10OSEnterpriseOS Version1607
Product Version5.5 
Summary0007210: Show Editor Mixer - often have to toggle checkbox when opening Ardour

Often when I open Ardour, and this used to happen on my Mac and now also on my PC, the Editor Mixer is not showing on the left side.

If I go to VIEW menu, the check box is enabled on "Show Editor Mixer". However, I have to uncheck it, then re-check it to get it to show up.
Steps To ReproduceOpen session, notice the editor mixer is not open on left. Go to VIEW menu, observe the check is enabled. Uncheck, then re-check, and the editor mixer shows up.
Additional InformationHappened on my Mac and now my PC. Intermittent.
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