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0007207ardourfeaturespublic2017-02-06 17:18
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Summary0007207: Move automation points in only one axis using modifier keys
DescriptionI often find myself in need to alter the timing of automation points, without altering their values. This can be quite difficult, especially when dealing with very sensitive parameters or very precisely determined values with little error margin.

I wish I could hold down Ctrl, then drag my automation points and have them move only in X axis (time) not allowing any motion in the Y axis (value).

Similarly - sometimes I'd like to alter the values, without altering the timing so only Y-axis motion, with X axis locked would be great. I believe the Alt key could be a good choice for this.
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2017-01-24 14:11

reporter   ~0019306

Constraining changes to time or value axis already exists for moving automation points. In default settings, shift+drag and shift+ctrl+drag are the modifyers.


2017-01-26 18:31

reporter   ~0019317

Oh! I see. The reason I didn't find out about this is that I need to hold the keys before I click and drag on the points, and I'm used to these type of modifiers to work even if I engage them in the middle of drag'n'drop (like Inkscape for example does).

Do you think that making it work that way would be a good idea? I don't see any reason why this could harm the workflow.


2017-02-06 17:18

administrator   ~0019332

It would be a substantial change to the code. We set up the drag state for ALL drag operations at button-press, and do not modify it during the drag.

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