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0007187ardourbugspublic2017-03-05 11:08
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PlatformLinux 64 bitOSGentooOS VersionCurrent
Product Version5.5 
Summary0007187: Create New Tracks window opens behind maximized Edit - window
DescriptionArdour version 5.5.332, Desktop / window manager: Fluxbox

If you maximize the Edit - window and then try to create new tracks, the creation window opens up behind the edit window.
Steps To Reproduce- Create a new empty session.
- From the "View" - menu select: Maximize Editor Space
- Create new tracks with keyboard command: shift + ctrl + n

Result: Nothing seems to happen as the "Add Track/Bus/VCA" - window opens up behind the maximized Editor - window.

Expected result: The "Add Track/Bus/VCA" window opens up in front of the Edit window and receives keyboard focus
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related to 0007267 new Add preference to present/position windows in center of screen 



2016-12-29 17:58

reporter   ~0019235

One more peculiar thing.

The "Add Track/Bus/VCA" - window seems to center itself where the mouse pointer happens to be. This can result parts of the window buttons to be outside of the display area and invisible. In my opinion this window should always open centered on the display.

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