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0000717ardourfeaturespublic2004-11-19 20:13
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Summary0000717: Cannot insert Battery as a VST device (0-input/2-output problem)
DescriptionBattery is a VST drum sampler. It supports 2-8 outputs but has no inputs. It works fine under jack_vst. Ardour will not allow me to place Battery on a track since it doesn't have two inputs. Ardour tells me I'm throwing information away even when it's what I wanted to do.

At some future time the developers should consider how to handle plugins that do not match the numbers of channels that a track or bus has. For instance, using Pro Tools as a basis:

1) Battery should drive the outputs. Ardour should not worry about the inputs. This is no different than instantiating a track and no using the inputs. (This can be verified using the sine/cosine oscillator with is also 0 inputs, 2 outputs which would not instantiate.)

2) Along time ago we talked about multi-mono plugins, where a mono plugin would be duplicated on a stereo track, but both instances would use the same settings. When I instantiate a mono plugin in a stereo track I cannot determine what Ardour is doing. Is it multiple mono, or is it mixing the inputs and sendign the output to both outputs? (I can test for this, but it's not obvious looking at the GUI.)
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Mark Knecht

2004-09-19 01:46

reporter   ~0001476

As a possible direction to go fix this, why does Ardour not allow me to delete all inputs? I can make a stereo track and then delete one input, but not both AFAICT.


2004-11-19 20:13

administrator   ~0001634

in CVS this is now possible, but useless since ardour cannot route MIDI to a VST plugin. jack_fst is the right way to do this.

as for the bugnote question: ardour specifies minimum in/out counts when creating tracks, and apparently get this wrong. i'll fix that.

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