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0007166ardourbugspublic2016-12-09 14:48
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PlatformPC / LinuxOSLinux Mint / KX StudioOS Version18 KDE5
Product Version5.5 
Summary0007166: Ardour playhead jumps to random places when trying to move it
DescriptionI'm using Blender and Ardour synced via JACK Transport.

When I jump with the playhead in Blender to different places - Ardour updates correctly.

When I put the playhead in Ardour to a differnt spot - it jumps where I clicked for a short moment, but then jumps somewhere else. Usually when I click again - ARdour playhead jumps to where I think it shoul.

The timeecode indicator doesn't jump.

This only occurs when Ardour is set to be a JACK Transport master.
Additional InformationI recorded 2 short videos about the Ardour + Blender JACK transport issues I've noticed so far, maybe they will be a clearer demostration of what happens:
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