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Summary0007118: "a-High/Low Pass Filter" takes too much CPU
DescriptionThe default plugins should, imo, be real time safe and efficient.


I made a template for recording 32 tracks with live monitoring:

On each track it has:
- a high-pass filter
- a compressor
- an equalizer
- 4 effect sends
- 4 headphone sends

The effect sends go to busses with 3 ZynReverbs and an a-Delay.

This runs x-run free at 2*64 samples buffer, with 2 soundcards of almost 20 year old combined into one, in a 7 year old computer.
I think that's a big achievement by the people who wrote all that software.
Thank you!

Unfortunately my first try with "a-High/Low Pass Filter", was unusable due to many xruns, and 100% jack CPU usage.
Therefore I suggest shipping another filter with Ardour.
I'd also prefer the low and high pass filters to be separate, as the latter is much more often used than the former,
The Glame Highpass Filter works perfect in the above setup, and has a variable steepness too, which can be very handy.
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