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0007108bugs2016-11-14 01:09
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Summary0007108: Shit+Z doesn't restore size of automation tracks
DescriptionHotkeys - F and Shift+Z - can be used to quickly maximize and restore the size of a track (unless you scroll the view between restoring- Shift+Z works like undo for the view so it'll undo all view operations in order, resizing tracks and scrolling the view).

Using F, Shift+Z on a n audio or MIDI track works as expected, but using it on an automation lane, doesn't restore the previous size of it - only restores the view scrolling that makes tracks above it visible, but the automation tracks is as big as it was after vertical maximization.
Steps To Reproduce1. Create new session
2. Show Fader automation for Master track
3. Select the fader automation lane
4. Press "F" to maximize that track vertically
5. Press "Shift+Z" to restore it to it's previous size
6. Watch what happens.
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2016-11-14 01:09

developer   ~0018956

I can confirm this issue in a nightly build, version 5.4.320

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