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0007102ardourbugspublic2016-12-01 16:50
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Summary0007102: KDEInit can´t start „ardour4“
DescriptionKDEInit can´t start „ardour4“:

Cannot load library /usr/lib/libkdeinit5_ardour4: (/usr/lib/ Cannot load & open the Shared-Object-File: File or directory not found
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2016-11-11 01:03

administrator   ~0018930

kde-init? Is that KDE trying to re-start applications that were running on shutdown? or are you launching it from the application menu?

It's hard to say what goes wrong here without further information.
In any case that looks like a GNU/Linux-distribution issue, there are various distros where it works fine with KDE -- most notably KXStudio.

Which Linux distribution are you using?

To rule out Ardour related issues from the distro, you could try if the issue persists with Ardour5 from or (those can be installed in parallel to distro versions. NB. the ardour binary from has a capital "A" Ardour5 (not lower-case ardour5).


2016-12-01 16:50

reporter   ~0019098

I´m using chakra linux. I´m launching it from application menue. have installed it via pacman on terminal.

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