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0007087ardourfeaturespublic2017-03-05 11:17
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Summary0007087: Allow changing the desired playhead position in the Follow Playhead mode
DescriptionWhen using the Follow Playhead mode, the playhead is horizontally locked in the dead center of the editing window.

I feel that it'd be really nice if I could offset that to see more of what's in front of the playhead, than what's behind it already. Currenlty it's alwasy 50/50 and that feels to me suboptimal in many situations.

Could there be an easy way to set the desired Playhead position in the editor window while using the Follow Playhead feature? Maybe a little marker resembling the playhead that can be moved around to define desired playhead position during the Follow PLayhead operation?
Additional InformationI attach a little mockup.
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2016-10-30 17:10


rect4200.png (22,497 bytes)   
rect4200.png (22,497 bytes)   


2016-10-30 20:39

reporter   ~0018885

I would also like this feature to be implemented. I have always wondered why most multitrack audio editors including Pro Tools sets the stationary playhead in the middle of the screen. When you think about it, the clip graphics behind the playhead are totally useless, there is no useful information in them any more. So why waste screen estate to show so much of them. The screen space would be much better used if one could see more of what is coming up next :)


2016-10-31 21:59

reporter   ~0018897

unfa: Just to make sure I understood you correctly: you mean the edit window scrolling mode when both Stationary Playhead and Follow Playhead are enabled, don't you :)

That's what I was talking about. I would like the playhead to be in the left part of the window, so that I could see more of the clips that Ardour is about to play. When the playhead is at the center, too much emphasis is given to past audio already played, in my opinion, as this information is quite useless.


2016-11-02 08:39

reporter   ~0018901

Last edited: 2016-11-02 08:40

Yes. I'd like to be able to change the place, on the screen, where the stationary playhead is located.

Maybe it'd be enough to add a special Slider in the Preferences?

Stationary playhead position

0% -- 50% -- 100% editor width

Maybe the ability to change this immediately inside the Editoe window (WYSIWYG style) is adding too much clutter to the editor, and maybe it's not something I'll access this often. I'll problably set it to 20% from the left and leave it there for forever.


2016-11-03 16:21

reporter   ~0018904

Just for the record, the workflow where you would like the playhead to be more on the left side is:

When you are mixing audio in realtime using an external controller to write volume automation on audio tracks. When you do this the waveforms on audio tracks gives you a clue about the loudness of the material coming toward the playhead. This helps you adjust track volume in real time and get sane results.

In this mode of working it would be helpful if the playhead was more on the left side of the edit window, letting you see a bigger "time window" of material that is about to hit the playhead. More time means you have more time to prepare yourself before you need to make an adjustment to a volume faders position.


2017-03-05 11:17

developer   ~0019485

I agree that it would be more useful to have the playhead closer to the left side of the editor in stationary playhead mode so that you can see more of the material on the track that is going to be played back.

I wonder though whether we should just try and use a better default location for the playhead rather than provide yet another option.

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