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Summary0007086: Comments track to add textual notes along the timeline
DescriptionI think it would be incredibly useful to be able to add comments at specific points along the timeline of a session.

What I envisage is a comments track that appears in the Editor window with audio and midi tracks, which can be moved up and down the window in the same way that existing tracks can be.

The user would be able to create "regions" along the timeline, at specific points along it and able to stretch/shrink the regions so it covered a specific time interval. The "regions" on this track would be text boxes, like the Comments fields in the mixer window. It might need to pop-up a dialogue box e.g. when clicking the region, so that all the text was visible if it were a particularly long note or when zoomed out quite a way and not all the text could be displayed in the "region" on the timeline.

This would be very useful as it would allow users to leave notes that related to a particular time in the session: e.g. "add a drum fill here", "try this section with fretless bass instead of fretted", "ramp the tempo down over this phrase", "revisit the EQ in the this section", "vocal gets lost here, add automation" etc.
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