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0007083ardourbugspublic2016-10-31 13:04
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PlatformGNU/Linux PC AMD64OSLinux MintOS Version18 MATE
Product Version5.4 
Summary0007083: Very tall window, no way to size down, unable to maximize
DescriptionThis happens in 5.4.231, but not in 5.4.0 or 5.4.40-dbg.

I attached a screenshot - take a look at the editor mixer strip on the left - there's no way to see the panner. That's because the window has so big vertical dimension, that all GUI is streched nad there's no way to access some controls.

Detaching Editor, mixer Window makes them usable, but the main windows stays stretched and unmaximizable.



2016-10-30 12:54


Selection_161.png (237,318 bytes)   
Selection_161.png (237,318 bytes)   


2016-10-30 12:56

reporter   ~0018878


Detaching all windows (Editor, Mixer, Preferences) makes the main window behave normally. If I attach Editor and Mixer again, it stays ok, but after attaching Preferences window again - it gets back to broken state.


2016-10-31 12:13

developer   ~0018889

I am unable to reproduce this issue with a nightly version 5.4.252 on linux 64bit

What are the steps required to get the window in that state?

Does this happen with all sessions?


2016-10-31 13:04

reporter   ~0018891

This seem to happen for all sessions as soon as I load them with 5.4.231.

I can't really build Ardour myslef, but I'll happily test this with any newer version that I can get.

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