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0007037ardourbugspublic2016-10-26 02:23
Reporteranemal Assigned Totimbyr  
Status feedbackResolutionopen 
Platformx86_64OSGentooOS Version13.0
Product Version5.3 
Summary0007037: Key bindings assigned to "Windows" key don't work after restart of ardour.
DescriptionChanging the key bindings in the "binding editor" are forgotten after restart of ardour.
However, the new key binding works until ardour is stopped.
Steps To Reproduce1. Open "binding editor"
2. Insert new key binding.
3. Exit ardour.
4. Start ardour.
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2016-09-19 06:29

developer   ~0018681

I can't reproduce this issue using 5.3(official linux 32bit build) or 5.3.138 build.

What changes were you making specifically?

As in what key bindings were you trying to assign to which actions in case that makes a difference in trying to reproduce.


2016-09-19 18:03

reporter   ~0018693

I'm trying to change "Remove last capture" to "Windows-Key+x", i.e. "Mod4+Super+x".
It "works" directly after changing.
However, after exiting and restarting ardour. It is set back to the default binding.
(I put "works" in quotes, because as described ardour freezes after I confirm the popup dialog with yes. But when I save the session, without executing the command and restart, the new binding is lost, as well.)

The system information is the same as in the other bug, I submitted:


2016-09-19 23:43

developer   ~0018694

I can confirm that assigning bindings to the Windows key aren't restored correctly and therefore don't work after restart in 5.3 and ~master(5.3.138)

When you first assign a binding to the Windows key it will be Mod4+Super+Key but after restart it becomes Mod4+Key which I suppose is why it doesn't work.


2016-09-20 12:12

reporter   ~0018705

By further playing around I found that this bug applies only to some bindings:
Assigning e.g. the mouse audition mode to "l" seems to be permanent.


2016-10-26 02:23

developer   ~0018862

A fix for this issue has been committed to master branch as 8d70b760 and will be in a nightly build >= 5.4.229

Can you please confirm this issue is now fixed, thanks.

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