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0007032ardourbugspublic2016-09-18 08:47
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PlatformLinuxOSUbuntuOS Version16.04
Product Version5.3 
Summary0007032: ardour crashes when exporting audio overwriting existing files
DescriptionI have a particular ardour session that will crash whenever I export audio if I'm overwriting existing files. The initial export works but when ardour gets to the 'normalize audio' stage it seems to crash and leave jack in a nasty, disfunctional state. This happens with, at least WAV (16 bit) and FLAC (24 bit) exports.

If I do not turn off my external sound card and restart catia (which I use to manage my jack connections) then if I reload jack (or try to play audio in other applications through jack) most of the time things will not work properly. Often the track connections in my audio session get messed up, I've set the tracks so that none of the tracks connect directly to the master bus, tracks that route out always route out through 1 of 4 sub-mix busses. However, ardour will often (but not always) reconnect every track to the master output bus (it does seem to retain the other bus connections, though). It's also fairly likely that ardour will lock up if I attempt to export audio, play audio, or, occasionally, re-route the audio connections (e.g. to fix the messed track outputs).

Resetting my soundcard and catia before reloading ardour does seem to prevent any weird behavior when reloading the session.

While the behavior seems to be 100% reproducible with this particular session, I have not been able to reproduce it in another session so far.

Something I have not tried yet, though, is to create another session where tracks are chained to a submix bus before the master bus, perhaps this is the critical difference between sessions that crash and session that do not.
Steps To Reproduce1) Open session

2) Export audio over existing audio files


3) Load jack up again without power cycling my sound card or restarting catia
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2016-09-17 19:41

reporter   ~0018675

I have now tried a similar style of chained bus routing in another ardour session and cannot reproduce the crash in that session. The original session continues to crash when exporting and overwriting audio files.


2016-09-18 08:47

administrator   ~0018678

I tried: New session, imported some audio, export as wav and flac simultaneously (with normalizaion, no resampling) and export again (replace files) works.

So it's either some export specific setting for that session, or something indirectly caused by the session.

To narrow things down: Can you export the session which has this issue using Ardour's ALSA or "Dummy" engine (Ardour-menu > Window > Audio/MIDI setup)-- no JACK? Does it still crash?

There are some issues with JACK on Ubuntu 16.XX when switching from/to freewheeling (faster than realtime export) under load, which may or may not be the issue at hand.

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