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0007031ardourbugspublic2016-09-15 23:58
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PlatformlinuxOSavlinuxOS Version2016
Product VersionMixbus 3.6 
Summary0007031: Port Maximum Prevents Ardour from Opening Session
DescriptionI recently saved a big session while running jack on my Saffire Pro 40 (20 in/20 out). I then opened it at home on my laptop's internal hardware (2 in/2 out) and did some work on it, in the meantime adding some tracks and busses. Upon later trying to reopen it with the Saffire Mixbus would freeze at the splash screen. I realized I could open it by switching jack back to my internal hardware.
It took me a while to figure out that the 36 less ports available on my integrated soundcard allowed me to not exceed the port maximum specified in qjackctl. But there was no error message informing me of this, I just happened across it. This is after about an hour of embarrassment while I didn't manage to open the session in front of my client.
I raised my port maximum in qjackctl and it opened up fine.
An error message which specifies the problem ardour encountered would be a nice feature.
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