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0007030ardourbugspublic2017-12-14 19:18
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Platformi686 (64bit) PCOSDebian GNU/Linux ( + kxstudio )OS Version8.5
Product Version5.3 
Summary0007030: Manual (keyboard) Edit of "Trim" automation points set wrong values
DescriptionThe summary says it all. :-)

Manually edit (directly type a value using keyboard, right click->edit) of an automation point of the "Trim" function (not fader or other things, only "Trim") will not produce the desired result: instead of setting the entered value, you will get some other value (usually the max or min allowed value).
Steps To Reproduce* On an audio track, create an automation for "Trim";
* create some automation points
* "edit" one such point (right click->edit) and enter some value, e.g. "6.0"

there you go... see what you get instead of "6". :-)
Additional InformationProblem existed (at least) since version 4.x and in all the following versions which I have tried.

Bug confirmed by some other users on #ardour IRC.

Tagsautomation, Trim



2017-12-14 18:48

reporter   ~0020100

Update: seems to be fixed in recent version (at least, on 5.11)

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