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0007028ardourbugspublic2016-09-15 21:47
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Platformx86OSUbuntu Studio OS Version16.04
Product Version5.X git (version in description) 
Summary0007028: stale lua scripts saved in session
Descriptiongit 77bd398153240390362fea83533627e6d767ddb3

Lua scripts added/removed with the script manager do not pick up changes, even when removed and re-added.
Steps To ReproducePull up Script Manager.
Add/Set -> Add Scopes (pick a script)
Call - observe output

Modify script.
Remove script from script manager.
Re-add script in script manager.
Call script. (did not reflect changes)
Open script inside Ardour's Scripting window, observe changes do not reflect current filesystem state of modified script
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2016-09-15 08:33

administrator   ~0018643

I cannot reproduce.

addscopes.lua should be read-only. I guess there's a copy in Ardour's search path: two scripts with the same {name = ""} in the script header but different file-names.

Try changing the "name" = "xxx" in the script.

Edit > Scripting > Script Manager > Refresh -- and see if a script with the old name still exists.

Can you elaborate a bit? How do you "modify script"? Do you use an external editor or save (a copy) with Window > Scripting?

Where do save it to? Do you run Ardour from the source-dir or a installed version? Is there perhaps have a system-wide script-dir which trumps local modified files?

Possible script dirs (depending on how you run ardour, or where you've got it from): <src-dir>/scripts $HOME/.config/ardour5/scripts/ /opt/Ardour-<version/scripts


2016-09-15 10:28

reporter   ~0018645

I was running them out of src-dir/scripts. Installing them elsewhere
resulted in duplicates being shown, as it still finds src-dir/scripts.
I edited with an external editor and changed the name string. Also
added print statements.


2016-09-15 10:35

administrator   ~0018646

Do you get the Same result after changing the name?

ie the name changes, but you still get the old script? if so, that'd be really odd.


2016-09-15 11:22

reporter   ~0018647

Yes to name string changed. In my case the file as it executes from ardour no longer exists on disk outside of the Ardour session.


2016-09-15 21:47

reporter   ~0018652

This appears to be restricted to scripts in the src-dir/scripts directory. If I copy to ~/.config/ardour5/scripts - they update on refresh.

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