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0007007bugs2020-04-19 20:18
Reporterjohmue-eoAssigned Tojohmue-eo 
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Product Version5.3 
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Summary0007007: Faulty Undo when moving several regions by Ripple movement
DescriptionMoving one region and by that rippling a following region in the same track is not correctly undoable. At least one of the regions after undo is in the wrong place.
Steps To Reproduce* Have a session with one audio track which has two regions with a gap in between.

* Set the "Edit mode" to "Ripple"

* Move the first region (in either direction)

* Trigger "Edit->Undo"

The two regions should be in exactly the same position as before the move action. But at least one is. When moving the first region forward, the following region is not correctly reset. When moving the first region backward, the first region is not correctly rest.
Additional InformationTested on Ardour 5.3 (self compiled git commit tagged 5.3) on Ubunutu 16.04. Same behavior on latest Ardour 4.
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2016-09-06 09:51

developer   ~0018550

I can confirm this issue exists in version 5.3 from 32bit)


2016-09-06 20:40

administrator   ~0018553

I can't reproduce this by following these instructions. Can you attach a screenshot showing the editor window?


2016-09-07 11:27


ardour-5.3-ripple-undo.webm (949,478 bytes)


2016-09-07 11:29

developer   ~0018561

I attached a short video with some of the strange behaviour that I'm seeing in 5.3 when using undo after moving regions in ripple mode.


2016-09-07 17:29

developer   ~0018563

That's exaclty what I meant. Thanks for making the video.


2020-04-13 22:02

developer   ~0021340

Fixed in d5f25f9.

Rippling across tracks is still not working well wrt. undo/redo.


2020-04-19 20:18

developer   ~0023648

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